Black Sheep White Sheep

This Azilal rug is truly a work of art and typifies the free style of the Moroccan Berber women who construct their rugs from images in their mind rather than a preset plan.  The rug displays much of the Berber symbolism that typifies Azilal rug design and portrays a story told through the weaver's art.

Unlike many Middle Atlas rugs, such as the Beni Ouarain and Beni M'guild, both of which employ100% wool construction, Azilal rugs employ a cotton warp construction and symmetrical knot design.  The colours of this rug are typically bold and vibrant, with shades of crimson, magenta, pumpkin and taupe on a white ground.

Origin: High Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

Materials: Wool and cotton foundation (cotton warp, woollen weft), woollen pile

Circa late 20th century.

Size: 202 x 135 cm