Magnificent Marmoucha

Black Sheep White Sheep

Magnificent, very old and very large, Marmoucha rug from the Eastern Middle Atlas of Morocco.

The symmetrical and repeated all-over zig-zag design of this piece, with inlaid lozenge and zig-zag patterns, together with borders consisting of a variety of continuously linked Berber symbols, indicate the Marmoucha tribal origin of this rug, although rugs of a similar nature have also been found to originate from the neighbouring Beni Ouarain region of the Middle Atlas.

This genuine hand-woven and hand-knotted rug is 100% high quality wool, with a luxurious and warm feel.  It is made using the Berber knot which attests to its age and location of origin, as this knot is rarely used in modern pieces (it is a time-consuming knot to tie) and only originates from the Middle Atlas region of Morocco.

The foundation (or weave) of the rug is made from natural, undyed cream wool, with a luscious ground pile of predominantly natural, undyed cream, and a dark grey pattern of charcoal, onyx and taupe, with hand-dyed salmon and coral pink highlights.

This rug is 70+ years old, circa mid 1940's.

Size: 381 x 210 cm