Chic Chichaoua

Black Sheep White Sheep

Semi-antique, versatile, reversible, mid-sized handmade and hand-knotted Berber rug. Luscious variegated crimson monochrome pile with delicate charcoal and white border and beautifully patterned flat-weave reverse with colours of crimson, pink, blue, turquoise, charcoal and cream.  The selvedges of the rug are charcoal in colour, and the multicoloured woollen warp threads, of crimson, pink, cream and brown produce an unique striped effect to the pattern on the reverse.

This 100% woollen rug shows a typical variation (abrash) in the rich crimson and pink pile colour, primarily due to changes in the batches of dyed wool used during the weaving process, but also due to natural fading with time.  This is fully expected in a genuine rug of this age, and only serves to enhance the hand-made origin of the piece.

Origin: Atlantic Plains, Chichaoua Region, Morocco.

Material: 100% wool (foundation and pile).

Circa mid 1940's.

Size: 237 x 142 cm